Sunday, December 20, 2015

Last weeks' gigs

Forgot to post about these last week... good gigs! Thanks to everyone involved!

Photo by Carey Knight
The final Make It Up Club for 2015 features a motley crew of fourteen fine representatives from the myriad of Melbournian musicians who have bestowed the Club with aleatoric delights this year, congregating from their respective corners of the sonoverse to mutually revel in the splendour of spontaneous collaboration. Drawing on Annalee Koernig’s curatorial tactic for the Stutter Big Band of smashing together disparate improvisers adept at sensitive auditory engagement, participants from the new garde to the OG MIUC posse will utilise string, skin, wind and things to transmute slivers of mangled jazz, exquisite contemporary classical, brutal shitcore, lush drone, delectable noise, ecstatic psychedelia and boyzIImencore into a capriciously complex sonic entity attesting to the rich intricacy of our fertile local sonic terrain. There will be three sets of approximately 20 minutes length and no further imposed parameters, because improvisation and sonic liberation are awesome. 

• MIUC Big Band featuring:

Dave Brown (Strings)
Alex Garsden (Strings)
Lizzy Welsh (Strings)
Sean Baxter (Percussion)
Joe Talia (Percussion)
Maria Moles (Percussion)
Aviva Endean (Reeds)
Lloyd Honeybrook (Reeds)
Lisa MacKinney (Organ)
Carolyn Connors (Voice)
Peter Hyde (Voice)
Llara Goodall (Electronics)
Nik Kennedy (Electronics) 


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