Wankoslop - bizarro noise performance-art wank ||| Yuka Discobeans (noises/spasms/vocals), Nik Kennedy (noises/spasms/vocals), Rod Cooper (hand-made instruments/noise)

Human Lard - analogue/digital noise freakout ||| Stephen Richards (DIY modular synth), Nik Kennedy (electronics/vocals/instruments)

Take That Vile Fiend - noisy goregrind ||| Brad Smith (drums/guitars/vocals), Nik Kennedy (vocals)

Death By Cones - quadraphonic extreme noise onslaught with interchanging members including Mark Skelton, Jack Whitcroft, Lloyd Honeybrook, Tom Miller, Mark Groves, Phillip Holquinn, Samaan Fieck, Todd Anderson-Kunert, Llara Goodall, Nik Kennedy

Lounge Pervert Trio - freenoisegrindloungejazz ||| Dan Tucceri (piano), Brad Smith (drums), Nik Kennedy (vocals/electronics)

MONO/DISCO/SLOP - weird noise rituals ||| Yuka Discobeans (vocals/noise/movement), Peter James (synths/noise), Nik Kennedy (vocals/synths/noise)


Liquid Puke Nose - noisegoregrindcore ||| Yuka Discobeans (vocals), Mike GP (vocals/noise), Nik Kennedy (vocals/noise/drum programming/finger drums)

The Swamp - cinematic horror noisescapes ||| Brad Smith (vocals/electronics), Jack Whitcroft (vocals/electronics), Leo Whitcroft (vocals/electronics), Zev Langer (vocals/electronics), Nik Kennedy (bog sounds/vocals/electronics)

NGC 1275 - otherworldly ambient atmospheres & textures ||| Phillip Holquinn (electronics/guitar), Nik Kennedy (electronics/vocals/bass)

As Yet Unnamed Galaxy - blurry traversals through hyper-subterranea ||| Tina Douglas (wiimote/laptop/visuals), Phillip Holquinn (electronics/synths/guitar), Nik Kennedy (electronics/vocals/instruments)

Military Position/Spasmoslop - hypnotic black noise dirge ||| Harriet Morgan (bass/electronics) & Nik Kennedy (vocals/electronics)

Shane Van Den Akker & Nik Kennedy - experiments in vocal and feedback manipulation ||| Shane Van Den Akker (vocals/electronics), Nik Kennedy (vocals/electronics)

IS. NOT. MORE. - abstract vocal noise ||| Bonnie Hart (vocals/electronics), Nik Kennedy (vocals/electronics)

FUCKED - brutal ultra-noisecore ||| Lloyd Honeybrook (horrendously blown-out sax), Robbie Avenaim (blasting and robodrums), Nik Kennedy (vocal gymnastics)

SKLERGK - electro-organic dark noisescapes ||| Rory Brown (double bass/sending), Nik Kennedy (receiving/processing/vocals)


The Kill - blastasfuck grindcore ||| Jay (blast), Roby (shred), Nik (abuse 2007-2016)

"Still Agitated" conceptual improvisation by Todd Anderson-Kunert, Feb 2016

Drums: Joe Talia, Nat Grant, Michael McNab, Leo Kavanagh, Sam Price
Noise: Todd Anderson-Kunert, Ciaran Geoghegan, Carey Knight, Mark Groves, Spasmoslop

Make It Up Club Big Band 2015

Psychward Cult - psychedelic ritual noise group with interchanging members including Tom Miller (electronics/trumpet/guitar/percussion), Bryce Sweatman (drums/percussion), Liam Haryono (guitar/sampler/electronics), Shaun South (synths), Dan Brady (tapes/electronics), Tara Green (vocals/percussion), Pete Hyde (vocals/electronics), Harriet Morgan (bass), Nik Kennedy (electronics)

Die Pigeon Die - morbidly heavy goregrind ||| Leo Whitcroft (vocals), Jack Whitcroft (drums/vocals), Brad Smith (guitar), Nik Kennedy (bass)

Sweatman & Kennedy - slow-moving rhythms and drones ||| Bryce Sweatman (percussion/electronics) & Nik Kennedy (vocals/drones/electronics)

Susie's Gone - boogie noise large group with interchanging members including Gareth Thompson (drums), Julius Millar (bass), Lloyd Honeybrook (turntables), Nic Tammens (guitar/fx), Lachlan Barwise (vacuum cleaner), Mitchell Brennan (electronics), Trev Clay (vocals/dancing), Nik Kennedy (vocals)

Passenger of Shit (vocals) & Spasmoslop (vocals/processing) @ Make It Up Club 2013

Muneomi Senju (drums), Stephen Richards (modular synth/baritone sax), Rory Brown (double bass), Nik Kennedy (electro-washboard/oral noise) @ Discobeans 2012

Vocal Ensemble featuring Carolyn Connors, Sophie Brous, Pete Hyde, Jessica Aszodi, Christopher L.G. Hill, Tarquin Manek, Nik Kennedy @ Overground - Melbourne International Jazz Festival 2010, Melbourne Town Hall 

"Segmenting Process For Language" by John Wiese - large group scored improv - https://johnwiese.bandcamp.com/track/segmenting-process-for-language

Extreme Vocal Noise collab with Bonnie Hart, Shane Van Den Akker, Pete Hyde, Paul Kidney and Nik Kennedy - all on voice, no effects @ Make It Up Club

Lloyd Honeybrook (alto sax) & Nik Kennedy (vocals/electronics) collab @ The Empress

Robbie Avenaim (drums), Marco Fusinato (guitar/electronics), Nik Kennedy (vocals/electronics) collab @ Stutter 

Robbie Avenaim (drums), Sean Baxter (drums), Brad Smith (drums), Jay Jones (drums), Rory Brown (contrabass), Nik Kennedy (bass guitar) collab @ Stutter 

Jess Pinney (vocals/electronics), Mike Majkowski (contrabass), Nik Kennedy (vocals/electronics) collab @ Stutter

Robbie Avenaim (drums/percussion), Max Kohane (drums), Ray Ahn (bass), Nik Kennedy (vocals/electronics) collab @ Make It Up Club, Melbourne Fringe Festival 2007