Thursday, December 03, 2015


Artwork by Stewart Cole

Available now from RADICAL BLARGHST

Also, this one is being done by GRINDFATHER PRODUCTIONS early 2016:

Artwork by Kingbean AKA DISPLEASING DESIGNS, who also did the art for "Drop Your Pants & Grind"... which, by the way will be released on LP in 2016 by PSYCHOCONTROL with new artwork by Mr. Kingbean ! ... PLUS, there will be a SFHS "Collection" tape also on GRINDFATHER containing the first 2 demos and heaps of nice, raw live & rehearsal stuff, including unreleased songs, different versions of album songs, cover songs (mostly NAPALM DEATH of course) ... No new recordings planned, unfortunately... this is all we can do at the moment with Den living out in the Tasmanian wilderness...

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