Sunday, November 29, 2015

Recent stuff - 29/11/2015

Heaps of gigs over the last few months... SUPER FUN HAPPY SLIDE in Melbourne, UMBILICAL TENTACLE, CLOGGED and RITUAL OF THE BEUG in Newcastle, and CLOGGED took a stupid "cool band photo" on the highway back to Melbourne, MONO/DISCO/SPASM at Magnet, SPASMOSLOP in Ballarat, THE KILL went to Perth with CAPTAIN CLEANOFF and got driven around in a crazy old bus, first performance of a new trampoline-noisecore band with Matt Faisandier and Gemma Falconer at Make It Up Club... haven't updated the blog for ages cause I've been doing all this stuff... here's photos and videos from various people, all completely out of order, I've lost track, blog-writing is annoying... Lloyd Honeybrook, Carey Knight, Peter James, Josie Jo, Tina Douglas, Brad Smith, Matt Faisandier and others, thanks everyone for making the effort to document all the great stuff that happens in our beloved Unpopular Music scenes!

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