Monday, November 30, 2015

AUDIBLE PLAGUE MENACE @ The Tote - 02/12/2015

Two absolute legends of Japanoise bestow tinnitus upon Melbournians for one night only, with a cavalcade of local shredders and Sydneian guests throwing out the harsh, jagged welcome mat to show them how we throw a noiseparty round these parts. Only deaf is real!

7:50 – DF0:BAD [SYD] vs. RVACB 

8:30 – Mshing
9:10 – MV, Nat Grant & Pete Hyde
9:50 – Marco Fusinato
10:30 – Defektro [JPN]
11:30 – G.C. [JPN]

8:10 – Gravitational Constant [SYD]

8:50 – Smash Tennis
9:30 – Hospital Pass
10:10 – Maria Moles & Hate Sax
11:10 – Military Position vs. Spasmoslop

9:00 – cornholecrucifixion [SYD]

9:45 – Carolyn Connors, Fjorn & Lara de Soulio
10:30 – Passenger of Shit & Aethyreal Girl


Pretty bloody excited to be revisiting my duo with Harriet Morgan/Military Position, which hasn't happened in about 3-4 years or something... alongside an absolute mind-boggler line-up!! Big cheers to Lloyd Honeybrook and whoever else is involved for making this happen.
Here's the recording from our first gig ever. In Shane Van Den Akker's kitchen, for an audience of 2 people: Shane, and some other guy who you can hear turn up part way through the set, who then immediately went outside. Memorable!

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