Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Thanks to Brad & Brendan/Kingbean for recording and uploading these. Cool to see footage from the UxTx gig at Footscray Park as it's a rare occasion where I didn't play synth and we get to see Brad with his undies on his head. Rock'n'roll baby.
Next up for UxTx - very excited that we're recording soon for a split 7" with legendary Japanese noisecore band and our own personal heroes, FINAL EXIT!!! And we're playing this gig:

https://www.facebook.com/events/1375681716064479/ - thanks to SHITWANK for organising!

As for CLOGGED - we recently recorded 14 tracks in my studio with techno/electronica producer Juxtpose for our debut EP or whatever it is. Definitely not techno... Mr. Juxtpose is using his skills to help us create a raw, nasty, noisy goregrind recording... of course! It's sounding great so far. We'll put some samples online soon... probably...

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