Saturday, January 05, 2013

DEATH BY CONES @ MIUC 15th Anniversary - 15/01/2013

7.30pm Doors for an 8pm-sharp start.
The MIUC's 15th birthday celebrations kick off this Tuesday with five suitably diverse groupings - traversing the inaudible to the deafening, the organic to the processed, the tonal to the textural - all the while celebrating the sheer joy that is improvised music! A tip of the hat to MIUC's free jazz roots with the old-and-new-garde grouping of Ren WaltersJames McleanScott McConnachieBrett Evans andChristopher Young kicks off proceedings; with the speaker-shredding aural violence that is Death By Cones quickly following to ensure you know for sure it's 2013. Two of the most beautiful extended voices in Melbourne, Carolyn Connors and Emma Albury, as well as two of the most terrifyingly grimm extended voices in Melbourne, Emma Albury and the entity known as Voidhanger, team up with the terrifyingly beautiful guitar of Alex Garsden for a cult collaboration of the most brutal/beautiful/brutiful kind. Bum Creek and Wife revive their awesomely confusing and confusingly awesome battle royale/collaboration for those unfortunate enough to have missed it at MIUC in early 2012. Finally, renowned French turntablist and 'musical travel agent' Philippe Petit goes head to head with Canberran guitarist Shoeb Ahmad for a world-class set of improv that should prove to be as deep, dark and immense as the Indian Ocean that usually separates the two.

- Philippe Petit (France) and Shoeb Ahmad (Canberra)
- Bum Creek vs. Wife feat. Trevelyan Clay, Sam Karmel, Tarquin Manek, Samaan Fieck and Eric Demetriou
- Voidhanger, Emma Albury, Carolyn Connors and Alex Garsden
- Death By Cones feat. Nik Kennedy, Phillip Holquinn, Mark Groves and Mark Skelton
- Ren Walters, James Mclean, Scott McConnachie, Brett Evans and Christopher Young

The Make It Up Club
Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065


Seriously humongous and gracious thanks to Sean Baxter, Stephen Richards, Lloyd Honeybrook, Kerrie Farnsworth, previous organises, supporters and everyone at Bar Open for keeping Make It Up Club running all these years. I first experienced MIUC as a performer in 2007. Having never really played completely unplanned live improvised music before, Sean threw me into a group with Robbie Avenaim, Max Kohane and Ray Ahn and effectively re-configured my perspective on what music can be. Through MIUC, I've been fortunate enough to see countless mind-blowing performances, introduce new people to improvised music, collaborate with a variety of fantastic people, and have an invaluable outlet for experimentation and new ideas. Going to MIUC gigs as a punter, there's an atmosphere of community and respect that makes it unlike any other gig around. Always a rewarding and fun experience.

Thanks heaps dudes!!

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