Saturday, January 12, 2013

THE KILL - Make 'Em Suffer CD out now!!

I joined The Kill back in 2007 and now we've finally released our first album!
"It's only been over a decade since "The Soundtrack To Your Violence" release! This time The Kill are back to blast fuck your brain with 15 more rounds of hard hitt'n hate fuelled GRIND. Covering 'NECROPHOBIC' originally recorded by SLAYER & ripping lyrics from the PRIEST! Recorded @ Goat Sound... This release will surely fulfil every bogans needs..."

The CD has been released thru The Kill guitarist Roby's long-running label Blastasfuk. 
The Kill/White Eyes split 5" is also available now thru Blastasfuk - $8ppd.

Order here, support Australian-made etc! -

We've also got heaps of other VERY EXCITING releases on the way... most are being put together right now and should hopefully be out within the first half of this year...

The Kill/Captain Cleanoff split 7"
The Kill/Mortalized split 7"
The Kill/The Communion split 7"
The Kill - Make 'Em Suffer LP
The Kill - Blast Beat'n The Shit Outta PBS 10"
The Kill/Antigama/Noisear 3 x 7" box

More info on these stuffs once they happen!

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