Thursday, June 02, 2011

THE KILL did the USA

 The Kill have just been on tour on the East Coast of USA playing Maryland Deathfest and a bunch of sweeeet shows in New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Washington DC and Philadelphia. There are already a few videos up on youtube:

And photos around if ya do a bit of searching. Thanks to the people who shot these and put them up. Super huge mega thanks to our driver and "cultural advisor" Jason Wade and everyone who helped organise stuff, let us crash at their house, fed us, attended to the shows, moshed up a storm and made us feel so welcome. Extra mondo ultra-brutal grinding thanks to the other bands we played with, especially our tour-mates Noisear and Shitstorm, who absolutely ripped arse every time they played, and our fellow Aussies in Doubed Over and Internal Rot. Mad holy-fuck-that-was-good thanks to Last Days of Humanity for blowing my balls off at MDF. It was my grind nerd dream come true to see these guys play! I might post more about all this later...

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