Thursday, June 02, 2011

BLACK MARKET June 2011 program

Black Market continues at a new venue with more excellent line-ups. Most of the shows for this month have been "guest-curated", including the 29th which I put together, eyyyyyy. I'm fuggin stoked for this line-up so here's some more info:

- HOLY BONER + ROBBIE AVENAIM - ultra blastbeat mania improv noisecore set with Brad (drums), Nik (vocals/electronics) & Robbie (drums and robo-drums)
- DIE PIGEON DIE - disgusting, filthy, ultra-heavy goregrind with Jack (guitar/gurgles), Leo (bass/gurgles) & Christoph (drums)
- NATASHA ANDERSON - spine-tingling noisescapes using computer manipulation of custom-made block flute/periscope of dooooom
- WANKO SPECIAL - debut solo performance of Yuka Discobeans! I have no idea what to expect, except that it will be cool as

Can't wait!

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