Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Needful Things (CZ) tour

Friday 21/1/11 - Adelaide
Venue: Enigma Bar
Supports: Captain Cleanoff, Iron Worzel, Blockade

Saturday 22/1/11 - Melbourne
Venue: The Arthouse Hotel.
Supports: Captain Cleanoff, The Kill, Teargas, Doubled Over

Sunday 23/1/11 - Melbourne
Venue: Cat Food Press. Brunswick east.
Supports: Captain Cleanoff, Agents of Abhorrence

Wednesday 26/1/11 - Newcastle
Venue: Hamilton Station Hotel
Supports: Burning Servant, Granny Fist, Bad Taste

Friday 28/1/11 - Brisbane
Venue: Rosies
Supports: Burning Servant, Laceration Mantra

Saturday 29/1/11 - Sydney
Venue: Stag & Hunter Hotel
Supports: Burning Servant, Roadside Burial, Fattura Del Morte

Sunday 30/1/11 - Sydney
Venue: Repressed Records instore
Doors: 2pm ALL AGES

Looking forward to playing the Arthouse show, nice line-up. I'm also gonna do some "guest vocals" with Doubled Over for their ripsnorter Excruciating Terror cover! Broooooodle.

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