Monday, January 24, 2011

Gigs wrap-up

Just had a great weekend of gigs starting with Skelton's house show, Psychward vs RSI (Tommy Gunnnn & Cooper Bowman) played a great set first up. Nice overall blanket of harshness, with all manner of samples/loops, synthy honks and nifty sound effect type things flying around to make it quite varied. Solid!
I was really happy with my set, used the bucket, voice, various metal stuff and the new Hex Bug which worked a treat. Sounded pretty brutal through Mr. Skelton's fine bass amps. Here's a pic, cheers to Kerrie Farnsworth...

Look at that carpet!
Incompetent Cervix (Mark Skelton & Mitch Brennan) played after me and delivered some mondo punishing harshness that fried my brain and left the crowd feeling warm and fuzzy inside their dilapidated eardrums.
Went to the Arthouse after that to play with The Kill. Captain Cleanoff kicked arse as usual. Still the most FUN grindcore band in Oz I'd say. Doubled Over and Czech visitors Needful Things also sounded great.
Then last night I went to Bar Open and saw a ball-tearing spontaneous collaboration between John Harte of Pig & Machine and Rob McManus of Grey Daturas. Completely unplanned, I think Rob was supposed to be playing a mega-reverbed drum solo but he and John (on synth/guitar) started just rocking out, slowly building up huge noise waves that just kept getting more and more intense. Really great stuff.
The highly entertaining BAADDD then followed with their patented sexxxy outfits, P-H-fat beats, manic vocals and the wildest dance moves this side of a C&C Music Factory film clip. If I ever have a birthday party, I'd want them to play it.

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