Sunday, February 07, 2016

'STILL AGITATED' - 13/02/2016

'Still Agitated' is a conceptual improvisation by Todd Anderson-Kunert, requiring five drummers and five noiseicians to surround the edges of the room, and follow simple visual and audible directives as they spread from one performer to the next. 

Joe Talia
Nat Grant
Llara Goodall
Leo Kavanagh
Michael McNab

Todd Anderson-Kunert
CiarĂ¡n Geoghegan
Carey Knight
Mark Groves

Evening also includes supporting sets from:
The Vainglories

$10 Entry.

NOTE: I'm not entirely sure how much room is left in Conduit Arts Initiative after we fill it with five drum kits and five amplifiers / noise rigs, but the venue was chosen for its potential intimacy and intensity.


Thanks Todd AK and Conduit! This should be real cool... it's kinda like a human feedback loop laser beam going around until we melt the floor. Some really sick players in this and I'm thrilled to be laser beaming with them.. and the only idiot using a performing name!

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