Friday, January 15, 2016

UMBILICAL TENTACLE - 23rd & 24th Jan

Sydney's finest doo wop grind band FRAME 313 travels down to Melbourne for the first time ever to maybe launch their new 7" record "Streets Of Gold" if the pressing plant does its job. 

Joining them are auditors of magic UMBILICAL TENTACLE, purveyors of fire CORDELL, wizards of crystal powers METH LEPPARD and finally the connoisseurs of the finer things in life SMACK BABY.

We heard that the Brisbane Grindcore Syndicate has been talking smack about you so you should come by and prove them wrong by moshing everywhere, especially at this gig.

SAT 23RD JAN  /  8PM  /  $10  /  AA  /  DUDE  /  NICE


Come upstairs to the Tote on a sunday, carn, it will be fun.

On the billy we have (in no particular order)

Umbilical Tentacle - local pop group singing love songs
Smashing Faces - newcastle pop group singing hate songs
CROSSED - geelong pop group stinking love bongs
Meth Leppard - adelaide pop group drinking bong water
Drain Life - another local pop group who sing songs about blood, fire and satan

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