Monday, January 04, 2016

Top Music Stuff 2015

Jumping on the list bandwagon... new and old releases/bands/stuff I enjoyed the most in 2015....

The premium flying-guts sloshing drum-machine goregrind! This bloke can do no wrong!

Australia's (maybe the World's?) most outrageous chundering gore vocals and most intense goregrind! A whirlwind of gross.

+ A SYMPHONY OF DEATH RATTLES compilation tape []
Excellent first label release from my favourite Frenchman, Pierre of BLUE HOLOCAUST & BRAINDEAD zine. A disgusting collection of some of the best goregrind bands of the last few years.

+ ECOSTENCH - "Discography 1995-1997" []
"Hidden gem" of the year! Raw grind with elements of humour and experimental touches which are actually really good!

+ ASBESTOSISIS - "Blocked Up From Barbeque" []
Melbourne Morticianwave cavernous sewer goregrind spew!

+ G.O.D. - "Body Horror" []
Top-shelf gory grindcore from Canada, and "Most Pwanging Snare" 2015!

+ CAPTAIN CLEANOFF - "Rising Terror" []
Australia's catchiest grindcore band get more riffs stuck in heads.

My new favourite band from Sydney... Raw and wild pure grindcore!

+ MACHETAZO covering a MORTICIAN song on their split with R.A.S. []
Best MACHETAZO song since the "Trono de Huesos" album!

+ TERMINATOR 666 - "Demo 2011" []
Best/Worst Music & Band Name of 2015. The most delightfully sloppy shitty shit I've heard since early PLASMA!

+ TECHNICAL ITCH - "Souls of Impatience" studio mix []
Recent mix from the master of dark, brooding drum & bass. Precision sound art with a beat!

+ EATBRAIN podcast []
Cutting-edge neuro/tech drum & bass mixes. Incredibly intricate sound design - some of the juiciest textures I've ever heard!

Heavy/tech/hard drum & bass mixes from the more extreme end of things.

+ ROT - "Fatality" EP
Because I haven't heard their new one yet, and really, this stupendous EP from 1996 should always be in every list... forever!

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