Sunday, February 22, 2015

SPASMOSLOP @ Strange Neighbour - 22/02/2015

"The second of a bi-monthly series of performances presented by Strange Neighbour and nonlinear.

Featuring performances by:

Spasmoslop -

Pewter Snake Necklace -

Clinton Green ('In Situ' album launch) -

LlLl (Lloyd Honeybrook and Llara Goodall)

Tarab -

nonlinear is also proud to announce the release of Clinton Green’s ‘In situ’, composed from turntable manipulations of Todd Anderson-Kunert’s ‘The situation we’re in’ seven inch vinyl. Available in an edition of 30 CD’s, each with an individually hand constructed collaged cover made by Jessica Anderson-Kunert (using visual source material from the same release). Available on the day, or afterwards

Clinton Green will also be utilising the same source material as a part of his performance.

Sunday 22nd February, 4-7pm, $7 Entry.

Image credit: Taken from Clinton Green's 'In Situ'."


First solo SPASMOSLOP gig in aaaaaaaages. I'm on first at 4:15pm. Thanks to Todd Anderson-Kunert for organising!!

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