Saturday, September 21, 2013

DUALS @ Conduit Arts - 28/09/2013

DUALS is a collaboration between Conduit Arts boards members Todd Anderson-Kunert and Leo Kavanagh. It will be an evening of noise makers and improvisers coming together to perform in duo formats over the course of the night. The match ups (noise/improviser) are random and shall be selected on the night of the gig making sure that each performance is free to be as open, spontaneous and instinctual as possible.

Performers on the night will be:

Todd Anderson-Kunert
Ciaran Geoghegan
Samaan Fieck
Leo Kavanagh
Brett Thompson
Lloyd James Honeybrook
Reuben Lewis

Tickets are $10 on the door with the money going towards the musicians on the night.

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