Friday, February 08, 2013

TWEAK - 16/02/2012

Richie Cyngler & Matt Refund

Monolith (Peter James, Wolf 359, PKE)
cleaninglady (Steve Richards)
RCKTSRGRY (Nik Kennedy & Tina Douglas)
Sympathia (Seame Campbell)
Dark End of the Garden (Phillip Holquinn, NGC 1275)

Studio 5/246-248 Brunswick St. Fitzroy (upstairs)



Should be a top night of spacey sounds, synths, stimulating visuals, noises, and knob-tweaking for frequency fanatics! In the comfy high-ceiling surrounds of Tina's studio. Feel free to bring a blanket/pillow/beanbag if ya wanna really get down low with the bass waves and drift off into the next dimension. Groovy man.

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