Friday, February 25, 2011

Discobeans March!

Discobeans monthly gig #2!! This one is looking like a cracker with another nice varied line-up. I think this will be the 2nd Ove-Naxx show since he moved to Melbourne from Osaka, and I'm especially stoked to finally see Liam Haryono's (from Psychward Cult / Pathetic Human / Flesh World etc) Tea & Sympathy Symphony solo project for the first time.

The February gig was really great - big turnout and very solid performances all round. Thanks to everyone that came down. I took this crappy pic of Clickjaw's set on my phone:

Laptops/Nintendo Wii controller/interactive visuals/voice combo was intense and had the audience completely entranced, especially during the squirm-inducing webcam transfusion finale which left everyone speechless and in a gloriously uncomfortable silence when the set ended. A magic moment!

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