Monday, May 30, 2016


June 6th @ Northcote Social Club
Monday Night Mass - FREE

- Rice Corpse (Lucas Abela/Maria Moles/James Bowers)
- Umbilical Tentacle (partygrindharshsurfmoshnoisecoremania)
- Angus Leslie & Cosima Jaala (first-time face-off of epic bratcore proportions)

In a Melbournian first Lucas 'Granpa' Abela kicks off three days of tinnitus-drenced madness with his angular noiserock improv unit Rice Corpse adeptly assisted by local shredders Maria Moles - the percussive prowess behind Jaala and Titanic Jamz - and James Bowers - the vocoder (and keyboards or whatever) behind Sex On Toast, Au Dré and far too many others. To welcome the cacophonous royalty we've laid out our finest silly sonic silverware with absurdist aristocrats Umbilical Tentacle reppin' the everythingcore brutality, and turn up the musical and performative intensities by clashing two of the most charismatic frontpeople in town - Angus Leslie and Cosima Jaala. Eep.

More info and stuff here -

Cheers to Lloyd Honeybrook for organising!!