Sunday, March 20, 2016

UMBILICAL TENTACLE @ The Tote - 07/04/2016

Increased tremblings measured of late by the Seismologists of Eastern Australia are no mistake. There is indeed a significant event approaching:
DEAD and MoE are touring together. It’s the double bill you need n your life. You have been warned.
And yes that is THE MoE from Norway; legendary noise rock/avant garde DIY stalwarts.
Two relentlessly active and uncompromising bands; it’s a pissing contest of low end, high output and DIY cred. Remember that time John Farnham sold out 17 concerts at the Tennis Centre? This will be nothing like that.

First show of the tour. For full dates go here:

Lineup of the bloody century!




Umbilical Tentacle

8pm. $10 Conc. / $15 Full
The Tote Hotel

School night, won't run late.


Thanks Jem/DEAD for the invite!

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