Sunday, August 16, 2015

TAKE THAT VILE FIEND - Excreted Brain Matters

26 rage filled stabs of noisey goregrind filth from the blokes who have subjected you to such aural atrocities as Super Fun Happy Slide, Holy Boner and more. Excreted Brain Matters is 23 mins of your life you will never get back, so you might as well enjoy the onslaught of fuzz drenched low end riff slop, scintilatingly sizzly blast mush and putrid vocal spew!

CD version will be available thru Radical Blarghst soon! (ETA: Sep '15)

Take That Vile Fiend is: 

Brad : Riffatomas/Bum End/Bludgeoning/Heaved Gurgles 
Nik : Gargled Throt 

All tracks horrendously recorded by Brad between Nov 2013 and Feb 2015. 
Layout/Stolen Imagery by Brad.


Bruuutal!! Check it out and support Brad's new label, RADICAL BLARGHST!!!!

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