Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Recent stuff - 16/06/2015

Whoops, haven't updated the blog for ages... so here are some things I've been up to lately...

UMBILICAL TENTACLE @ Disco Horse photos by Nayuto Adachi

Vocals/noise/contrabass-processing setup for collab set with Rory Brown & Passenger of Shit @ "Sunday Arvo Noisemusics" gig @ Magnet Studios shitty photo by me

UMBILICAL TENTACLE @ Ultra/Hyper, Magnet Studios photo by Lloyd Honeybrook

UMBILICAL TENTACLE @ Ultra/Hyper, Magnet Studios photo by Peter James

THE KILL & friends flyers by ???

THE KILL @ Little & Olver photo by Lloyd Honeybrook

First KILL gigs since Euro tour 2014!! Our 2nd full-length is out now... did I mention that already?
Also just released - "Speed Freak Killer" CDEP which contains our tracks from the 3-way split with Antigama & Noisear, plus 3 bonus tracks. The 3-way split tracks are some of my favourite THE KILL tracks that we have recorded... bridging the gap between MAKE 'EM SUFFER and KILL THEM... ALL, I'm particularly happy with the way my vocals sound on this recording, thanks to Jason Fuller/Goatsound recording them through a pre-amp to give them that harsh and distorted sound, brrrrrutal!
Check it all out here - https://blastasfuk.bandcamp.com/

Oh yes and THE KILL contributed a BLACK FLAG cover to this thing - https://goatsoundstudios.bandcamp.com/releases
Listen/download/donate to a worthy cause!

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