Thursday, July 31, 2014

THE KILL Euro tour

THE KILL just got back from an amazing tour of central/western Europe where we played OBSCENE EXTREME and PLAY FAST OR DON'T fests in Czech Republic, plus a bunch of bloody excellent smaller shows in Czech, Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Netherlands & France... including 4 shows with one of my absolute favourite bands of all time - FINAL EXIT from Japan... great blokes and totally ball-tearing on stage, yowser! Cheers dudes!

I was amazed with the strength and passion of the scenes in Europe. All the shows went well, with good turnouts and cool, fun people who love the grindcore! A dream come true! I'd heard people say that we here in Australia could learn a lot from the way Europe does things, and I must agree!
Extremely humongous thanks to Curby/Obscene Extreme and Otto/PFOD for driving us around in their vans, organising stuff, helping us, and answering our endless barrages of stupid uncultured-Aussie questions! Extremely humongous thanks also to everyone who was involved - all the bands we played with, friends/bands/bookers/promoters who organised things for us/lent us gear/showed us around/fed us great food & hooked us up with places to sleep, labels who helped with records & merch, my band-mates Jay & Roby for being brutal dudes, and of course all the grind-lovers who came to watch us play!! FUCKIN' CHEERS MATE!!!!!
I took lots of notes and will start working on a more detailed tour diary soon, to be published in a (web?)zine of some sort in the future for anyone bored enough to wanna read my in-depth analyses of European coffee and pastries heheh

Meanwhile, here we are playing OEF and the crazy OEF afterparty, yeeeeeha:

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