Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Releases available thru BLASTASFUK

In case ya didn't know, Roby from THE KILL runs an excellent grindcore/hardcore etc. label/distro full of heaps of great underground music from all around the world at very reasonable prices... and currently stocking several releases I'm involved in... 
SUPER FUN HAPPY SLIDE - Drop Your Pants & Grind CD
After a lonnnggggg delay, the 2nd SFHS album is finally out! Released on Blastasfuk, March 2014.
SUPER FUN HAPPY SLIDE - The Undislodgable Nugget Scenario CD
First SFHS album - released on Czech label Bizarre Leprous Productions, it's actually pretty hard to find in Australia nowadays.
First UxTx release, on Tenzenmen Records, for our lil tour with SSS last year. 200 copies pressed on red/black splatter vinyl.
THE KILL - Make 'Em Suffer CD/LP, Blastbeatin' The Shit Outta PBS 10" MLP, split 7" EP's with Mortalized and The Communion... and he even has THE KILL hats! Mondo bizarre!

Brutal! Click -

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