Thursday, October 24, 2013

TELEPORTER @ Musikunst - 26/10/2013

This month MUSIKUNST and All Tomorrows Hangovers presents 3 sets of pshych/noise/metal inspired band brawling, featuring conglomerations of aural tentacles of shreiking and brass and guitars and electronics and stuff!!! 

Horrormovie soundtracks for the warm-hearted and the hard of hearing
Piers du Voisin: amplified wood/steel/brass
Shane Van Den Akker: vocals
Steven Gill: electric guitar
Shane Caeser: drums

Psychic time-drift ejected from the void.
Yuka Discobeans: vocals
Nik Kennedy: instruments/electronics
Matt Faisandier: drums

All in shit fight to the death

4pm Saturday 26th October
As always, doors 4 pm, performance 4:30 pm, $10 / $5 conc.
GB Hotel Basement 447 Church St Richmond


This was gonna be an Umbilical Tentacle gig but Brad couldn't do it so hey, new band - TELEPORTER. I've been jamming various psychedelic-y, noisy sounds with Matt for a while now but for this gig I'll be playing bass/electronics and processing the drum kit in an attempt to bend time, amongst other things. The collab at the end should be huuuuuuge too, can't wait. 

Thanks once again to Piers Morgan for organising these monthly gigs. The dark GB basement on a Saturday arvo is a perfect scenario for noisemusics!!

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