Thursday, August 29, 2013

DEER HEAD APPARITION @ Musikunst - 31/08/2013

This month MUSIKUNST welcomes the curatorship of the Deer Head Apparition team to the basement in a collective free-for-all in their typical fashion/tradition. 

Deer Head Apparition is a no core member, no exclusions music collective that meets periodically to fill a moment in time with their combined vision of sometimes noisy, sometimes psychedelic, always experimental musically sonic forces. 

As always, everyone welcome to participate, 'talent' and 'musical ability' not necessary or encouraged. The gig will be 'electric' so bring something noisy or bangy or amped. There will hopefully be a few spots to plug in to the PA but if anyone has small mixers that we can use to expand available slots for people and spare microphones this would be very appreciated!

Performance time will run from 4 - 7 pm and entry is free this month in keeping with DHA tradition

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Thanks to Piers Morgan for the opportunity!

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