Thursday, April 04, 2013

NOISE FLASH @ Botanic Gardens 07/04/2013

the plan:
a large group of noise/experimental audio performers to descend upon melbourne’s botanical gardens for a live daytime performance. 

how we plan to get away with it:
the group will perform using battery powered silent intruments (laptops, pedals, circuit bent toys, etc). the audio will be broadcast using radio transmitters. 

how the audience will experience the performance:
by bringing along a fm receiver (walkman, transitor radio, anything that recieves FM radio), audience members will tune into the radio signal. performers will be set up along a pre-plannmed route. by walking along the performance route, each audience member will dictate their own experience by the speed of their journey and physical location.

The artists:
Jessica Anderson-Kunert
Todd Anderson-Kunert
Ben Byrne
Bleach Boys
Theorn Campbell of Pushing Buttonz
Richie Cyngler
Byron Dean
Tim Farrell
Nat Grant
Rosalind Hall
G W Harris
Adam Hunt
Dominic Kavanagh
Dean Keep
Benjamin Kolaitis
Paul Mylecharane
Patrick O'Brien
Philip Samartzis
Smash Tennis
Sooterkin Flesh
Jez PA Speelman
Polly Stanton
Vijay Thillaimuthu
Darrin Verhagen
X-Ray Hex

NOTE: This event is planned tentatively depending on artist response. Spread the word.

And start finding an FM radio receiver with headphones if your planning to attend!

POSTER ARTWORK BY: Jessica Anderson-Kunert. Layout by Peader Thomas.


Should be a hoot. Thanks to Todd AK for organising!

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John Lepsky said...

Byron Dean !!
I like him!
I want to be on that event!