Saturday, December 15, 2012

FUCKED @ MIUC - 18/12/2012

This week at Make It Up Club: THE END (of this year's programming) and, if you believe those Nibiruists, one of your last chances to hear some killer improvised sounds before Melbourne is reduced to a smoldering wasteland. Accordingly, we've tried to cover many of our favourite facets of improvised music! Angus Leslie and Jenny Barnes tear away at the cultural implications of the masculine and feminine voice, respectively, to lay bare the decontextualised sonics of the human vocal cords - aided ably by bassist James Pankhurst as something-resembling-a-rhythm-section-to-hold-it-all-together. Two of our fine city's finest and well-defined guitar manipulators, Dave Brown and Gearoid Brinn, will be there as well to ensure you contemplate life, the sonoverse and everything before it all ends - aided, hindered and complicated by percussionist/stuff-hitter Sean Baxter as something-resembling-a-rhythm-section-to-ensure-nothing-crystallises-too-fully. And just in case your existential angst becomes overwhelming, FUCKED are always happy to lend a hand by smacking all conscious thought out of your head with Robbie Avenaim's hyperspeed blastbeats, dematerialising them with Lloyd Honeybrook's dense feedback frequencies and having Nik Kennedy scream at them as they rot on the floor, distracting and lulling you out of existence by means of noisecore.

- Sean Baxter (Percussion), Gearoid Brinn (Guitar) & Dave Brown (Guitar)

- Angus Leslie (Voice), James Pankhurst (Bass) & Jenny Barnes (Voice)

- FUCKED feat. Robbie Avenaim (Hellish Crossfire On Wooden Coffins), Nik Kennedy (Blastgargling) and Lloyd Honeybrook (Howls of the Feedbax)

$10 / $5 conc.
Bar Open
317 Brunswick St. Fitzroy

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