Tuesday, November 27, 2012

UMBILICAL TENTACLE @ Bendigo Hotel - 29/11/2012

UMBILICAL TENTACLE - partynoisecore
Brutal cowbells and crushing blasts of epic proportion propel disgruntled and abrasive electronic noise whilst screams of chaos and delight smash your head from side to side in a whizzing like motion. 

WARPIGS - meandering dissonance

Like wandering a field somewhere in Russia, you look up and all you can see are the power lines and you just can't stop thinking about Grandpa.

FUNERAL MOON - black metal
Featuring members of monster doom metal band Spacebong. Relentless and bleak with curdling screams that will leave you haunted.

NOÛS - devastating doom
Easily one of the most punishing doom bands Australia has to offer. Anyone that has not yet had the chance to see or hear this band really needs to check them out.

Thursday November 29th

125 Johnston St. Collingwood

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