Monday, May 07, 2012

SFHS and THE KILL new tunes + news

Blastasfuk's Soundcloud page has some new SFHS and The Kill tunes from some of our upcoming releases. Which are...

Super Fun Happy Slide - Drop Ya Pants & Grind!! CD - long overdue 2nd album, currently being mixed & mastered by our drummer/turd-polishing wizard Brad Smith.

The Kill - Make 'Em Suffer CD/LP - full-length album, currently being mastered. CD version on Blastasfuk, LP version on To Live A Lie Records (USA).

The Kill/Mortalized (Jap) split 7" EP on Haunted Hotel Records
The Kill/Lycanthrophy (Czech) split 7" EP not sure what label
The Kill/Captain Cleanoff (Aus) split 7" EP not sure what label

The Kill will also be recording again very soon for a 3-way split with Noisear (USA) and Antigama (Poland) ! Brand new tracks containing some of Roby's most insanely over-the-top riffs ever, and meaningful lyrical topics such as hiding dissected corpses in your house, and murdering the bloke in the Santa suit at a shopping centre.
And! We're also doing a 5" split with White Eyes (USA)!

SFHS will do something new as soon as someone gives us money to bring Den up from Tassie!

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