Sunday, September 11, 2011

MILITARY POSITION/SPASMOSLOP - "Spectral Gloom" CD-R on Magik Crowbar

MC046: MILITARY POSITION + SPASMOSLOP "Spectral Gloom" cdr (25x)
Blackened axe, oscillations and misanthropic howls from Harriet K Morgan and Nik Kennedy. A post-apocalyptic blizzard of isolation, evident in the fact that there were a whopping two people at this show. Recorded straight to Ken Oath's taser.

Recording taken from our first gig ever/first time playing together as a duo, in Shane Van Den Akker's kitchen. No jamming/rehearsal, just straight in. Thanks heaps to Tommy Gunnnnn/Magik Crowbar for putting this out. Comes in a nifty DVD case featuring Tommy's distinctive cut-up artwork. Some copies on pure holocaust kids' party invitation paper with little party hats embossed on them, for extra darkness and grim vibes.

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