Sunday, July 03, 2011

SUSIE'S GONE @ Yah Yah's - 14/07/11

 Thursday 14th July:

@ Yah Yah's
99 Smith St. Fitzroy

Pretty sure Susie's Gone are headlining and the line-up is:

Gareth "Ginger Meggs" Thomson - Drums
Julius "The Bully" Millar - Bass
Lloyd "Llod The Hinnybinch" Honeybrook - Turntables and boogieddancing
Nic "Artfag" Tammens - Guitardom and hipster cred
Nik "Brutalboogie" Kennedy - Vokills and grindcore faces
Mitch "Digiman" Brennan - Electroacoustic Mastery/Laptoppery and Newcastlery
Lachlan "Beewee" Barwise - Vacuum Cleaner and Ladiesmannery
Trevelyan "S'Avant Garde" Clay - Vocals and Hypeman
Samaan "Wifey" Fieck - Tapes and KIPL reps

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