Sunday, March 13, 2011

R.I.P. stupid myspace band bios

"one day in june 2007 FRED THE SHREDDER and JAMES DESTROYER decided they wanted to start a fucking sick brutal death/grind band like devourment and cannible corpse!!! then they needed a really fast drummer to complete the lineup so they asked Freds sisters friend Bob if he would like to play drums. He said "Yes!" and FESTERING BLOODFUCK was born!!!! After 5 mad rehearsals in the DEATH SHED we did our first concert with triangle banana, deep within disconformity and barry & the burps at the bundoora youth centre and it was fucking sick and everyone was moshing heaps!!! then Freds mum said we arent allowed to jam in the shed anymore so when we find a new place to jam were gonna make some shirts and record the ULTRAFESTATION BLOODFUCKING DEMO CD-R which will be the heaviest shit weve ever done!! Pre orders available now!!! Songs online soon!! Any record labels wanna release this sick shit get in touch!!! 
look out motherfuckers!!!!"

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